Boo and the Big Storm

The Story Line

When little Boo, a Boobook owlet, is blown out of her nest during a storm, she lands in the middle of the road and doesn’t quite know what to do.

She is scared. Really scared. On his way home that evening, Farmer Goodman stops to rescue her. Now she’s even more scared – is he a monster?

But she feels better when he gives her delicious insects to eat. Through a window she sees her parents searching for her but they can’t see her.

She calls and calls but they can’t hear her. How will she ever get home?

Boo Page Preview

Boo and the Big Storm – Page One

Boo and the Big Storm – Page Two

Boo and the Big Storm – Page Three

Boo and the Big Storm – Page Four

Boo and the Big Storm – Page Five

Boo and the Big Storm – Page Six

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Winner of the Whitley Award

The Royal Zoological Society NSW presented winners of the Whitley Awards at a special ceremony at The Australian Museum in Sydney on Friday night.

‘Boo and the Big Storm’ was awarded Winner in the Children’s Reader category.

The Whitley Awards are for outstanding publications dealing with the promotion and conservation of Australasian fauna.

The Whitley Medal and Special Commendation are the most sought after prizes in Australian zoological publishing.