Boo blows in for bedtime – Echo November 1, 2012

TWO Alsionville neighbours have used a gentle touch to introduce children to reading and wildlife.

Author Wendy Lawrence and illustrator Glen Vause have self-published the beautiful book “Boo and the Big Storm”, about a boobook owlet who is blown out of the nest and rescued by a farmer.

“It’s a good moral story about the way humans can interact with wildlife,” Glen said. “They both benefit,” Wendy added, “it’s a good strong theme without pushing it down their throats.”

Wendy has been a wildlife carer for 25 years, mainly of birds and chose a southern boobook owlet as her main character because it is the most common species of Australian owl.

“I had to choose between a few different species and I had an elephant as a pet when I lived in India and I’ve always wanted to write about that, she said.

“The Boobook owl’s call sounds like its name so children are likely to be able to recognise it.”

After almost 10 years of opening rejection letters from publishers, Wendy decided to take the plunge into self-publishing earlier this year, using a
professional editor, and hasn’t looked back.

She has found two distributors, Glen has designed an accessible website where you can buy ‘Boo’ and local libraries have agreed to acquire the book.

As well as the heart-warming tale of Boo, the book contains accurate information about boobook owls, their habitat and threats

Wendy and Glen will officially launch Boo and the Big Storm at Get Hooked on Books in Alstonville P1aza, from 11am-noon on Saturday, November 3.

To buy the book and have a look up close at some of Glen’s beautiful illustrations go to www.

BOOBOOK: Illustrator Glen Vause and author Wendy Lawrence with Boo and the Big Storm.