Inspiring wildlife carers of tomorrow – Advocate 8/11/12

Founding member of the Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers, Wendy Lawrence, has written a children’s book. Wendy hopes it will inspire a love of native animals in children.

Members of the Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers come from all walks of life, and bring with them a wide range of experiences.  For many of our members, wildlife and animals in general have been a lifelong passion.  One such member is Wendy Lawrence.


Wendy grew up on a coffee and tea plantation in India, and as a child was surrounded by animals of the jungle.  “Much of the surrounding jungle had to be cleared, so we would often rescue injured or orphaned animals”, Ms Lawrence said.  “As a family we would do what we could to help them”.


Wendy’s love of animals persisted throughout the years, and for the past 20 years she has been the Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers bird of prey specialist.  On her Lynwood property, you will find a range of aviaries, including the group’s 24 metre long flight aviary, where she rehabilitates birds as large as Wedge-tailed Eagles and as small as Boobook Owls.


And it’s the small Boobook Owl who features in her first children’s book.  Wendy hopes that the little Boobook Owl, named Boo, will help inspire and teach children about native wildlife.  “That’s the main reason why l wrote the book”, says Ms Lawrence.  “I would love to think that the book will encourage children to have an interest in the animals around them”.


The book centres on Boo, a little Boobook Owl chick who falls from its hollow during a large storm.   Beautifully illustrated by another local, Glen Vause, the book is a delightful account of Boo’s adventure that follows and the role of wildlife carers.


Released just in time for Christmas, Boo and the Big Storm would make the perfect gift for any child.  To buy a coy or for more information, visit


If you find any injured or orphaned wildlife, please call the Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers on: 6628 1866 and for seabirds and marine turtles only Australia Seabird Rescue – 0428 862 852.  Check out our website at