Boo’s text translated in Braille

Rhianna reads Boo 2The Queensland Braille Writing Association has created Boo’s text in Braille for their Prep students.

Sue Wagner, President of the Association wrote: Every year we run a Braille Literacy Challenge for
Braille reading students from Prep to Year 12 in Queensland. At every Challenge we award every
child a book of their choice – in braille – and this year our four Prep students chose Boo and the Big
Storm. One of our key Braille transcribers creates the text in Braille on clear sticky label and this is
placed, line by line, beside the text so that the child can read the Braille and parents can read the text.

Boo is such a charming story that we have all been quite won over by it and are delighted that our
Prep students have picked it. One of our volunteers also is making a mini soft toy Boo to go with
each book.